Mollensoft Labs         
Specializing In Educational & Scientific Freeware as well as Intra-net Specific Servers/Clients, Custom Sensors and processing tools for Scientists (or Anyone's)  Use in the Lab.  Programming Languages: Perl & Visual Basic & C#


Magnetic Field Sensor


Fluxgate Mag Compass 

SqlFar Archive Tool

Reachbility King

 Intra-Net Email Server

 Hall Effect Mag Sensor

 Anti-Spam Protocol 


Mollensoft Mail Server Daemon: A Lightweight, SMTP/POP Server. Makes a really great Home/Laboratory email server.  Intented to be used for Local Network Email use between local network Clients. Relaying has been Disabled on this Server as it is intended for Intranet Use Only.

download (Downloads Disabled For Now Due to a huge stack of feature requests competing with development time on other projects, I will update this!)

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