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Introducing LogZPlotter... A developmental, Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI) Software Application. This is an ongoing project that provides users with real-time data aggregation services designed to provide organizations with live or historical, geospatially rectified server access information using simple software tools. [Watch AVI Movie]

The implementation is simple, users place a small software application on the Server called "LogZdriver". This application trails the specified log file and sends log events to connected "LogZplotter" Clients (Shown Above) over TCP connections secured using password protection and whitelist/blacklist selection technology. 

Security: While future versions will include TCP over SSL for added Security, current security includes a "1 strike and your out" feature where any bad command issued by connected clients results in immediate disconnection while simultaneously being added to the ban list for the LogZdriver application. 

Primary Features:

  • Real-time Server logfile aggregation and geospatial rectification
  • "Replay" Mode where users can replay existing log files information
  • Contextual (Right-Mouse Click) Menus to further analyze by URL, IP address
  • Web Server Scan Notification (via email) to warn when a end-point is scanning the web server for vulnerabilities
  • "Who's Connected" Real-time window to illustrate what network end-points are connected
  • User defined log file parameters, while major Web Server log file formats are supported
  • User defined IP database ingestion which enables users to select which IP geolocational database they wish to use (there are many available)
  • Many Real-Time Statistics Depicted
    • Total Bandwidth Consumed
    • Total Errors Count
    • Total Hits Count
    • Unique Hosts Count
    • Unique Hosts Per Country
    • Unique Countries Per URL
    • And More!

Developmental Features:

  • IP Watch - input IP Address/range to watch for unusual activity and reporting
  • Server security policy modification based on IP (remote connection) behavior
  • Immediate Error Reporting Via Email/IM
  • Native Syslog Support
  • Native Windows Event Log Support
  • Improved IP Geolocation Agility using external web services including DNS, ISP information
  • Native support for:
    • IIS Ftp Service
    • IIS SMTP Service
    • Sendmail SMTP Service
    • IIS POP3 Service
    • Other Major Logfile Formats

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