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 FREEWARE Fuxgate/Ether Compass: I developed this software to display the output of a Fluxgate Compass Connected to your Computer's Serial Port. Confirmed to work well with SX2 or Basic Stamp coupled with the Hitachi HM55B Magnetic Field Sensor. This simple fluxgate compass is a device that employs two small coils of wire around a core of non-linear magnetic material, to directly sense the direction of the horizontal component of the earth's Magnetic Field.So where does the "Ether" part come in to play? Well, I use this as a remote direction component for sensors mounted remotely. I can use servos on the remote sensor gear to turn re-orient the sensor. 

Download Older installer Here (Pre-Vista)

Download Updated Installer Supporting Windows Vista Here

Here are pictures of the System and how its configured. For Prototyping your fluxgate compass and its associated software application I like to use the Basic Stamp (any Version 2 Microprocessor Should Work Fine).

The compass module (Mounted on the Center or the White Breadboard) is a dual-axis magnetic field sensor. The sensing device on the Compass Module is a Hitachi HM55B chip. An onboard regulator and resistor protection make the 3 volt HM55B chip compatible with 5 volt BASIC Stamp microcontroller supply and signal levels. The fluxgate provides a directional reference that's stable over the long term, and the gyro adds accurate short-term corrections for acceleration and heeling effects.

To avoid inaccuracies created by the vertical component of the earths magnetic field, the compass must be kept as flat as possible. 

System Requirements

• Minimum 64 MB of RAM/800 MHZ processor or greater
• Minimumb 10 MB of available hard-disk space
• Designed for Windows NT/2000/XP but has been lightly tested to operate on updated versions of Windows 95/98

NOTE: One user experienced problems after installing on Windows ME.

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