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Specializing In Educational & Scientific Freeware as well as Intra-net Specific Servers/Clients, Custom Sensors and processing tools for Scientists (or Anyone's)  Use in the Lab. Programming Languages: Perl & Visual Basic & C#


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Mollensoft Labs is a part-time endeavor  for me and I am  committed to providing easy to use, reliable software designed to significantly enhance productivity by simplifying tasks and operations. 

I Love Coding In Perl... it’s by far the best general programming language in existence (Pls Hurry P6!).  

Update! As you can See I have started programming in .Net (Specifically Visual Basic .Net V 2005)... and found it to be a blast and Free!  The SqlFar, Mail Server and Reachability King Utilities were Coded In Visual Basic .Net and they each are pretty handy tools that I use Everyday... try them out.... if you like them, drop me  a note I would appreciate the Feedback.

Please Check Out My Google Gadget as it is used by thousands of folks world-wide as a Real-time Dashboard depicting the Earth's Magnetic Field Status as sensed by the NASA ACE Satellite and numerous Global Magnetic Field Sensors! 

 I will be updating/creating a STEREO Google Gadget as soon as I can decipher the NASA CDF file format (?!)

As Always, please donate if you can! Donations as small as 1 dollar are graciously accepted and help keep the Terramagnetoscope running and supporting students and amateur scientist worldwide

I enjoy tinkering by engineering new software and innovative scienctific projects... and learning along the way!  

Please Check out My "Bit Propulsion By Perl" images on the Terramagnetoscope!



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Mollensoft News!

  • 11/26/2009 My Art (first attempt)  It's called pointy turbulance... More to follow
  • 06/26/2008 I've been working on a new application (developed in house)  that I've been asked to open up to others as it may provide utility to others. It's called LogzPlotter and and you can check it out here! I am working on adding a UDP (firewall punching/LowBandwidth capability this month, using perlnet from Activestate's Perlnet lib and/or possibly using WeOnlyDo's WODVPN lib which is pretty good too). I think it provides the real-time capability some folks desire as well as the future potential of immediately reacting to scans and hackers as defined in the rulesXML  file. [Lots More to come on this!].I have this tied into my IPTables for Linux servers  and am looking for a way to immediately re-configure the Windows Server Firewall upon Scan Detections or other activity defined by the rules file.

  •  10/02/2007 My Son and I have finished the latest upgrade to the massive data aggregation project (written completely in Perl)  and we are now ready to integrate even more data feeds (if we can find some that are real time in nature <less than 10 mins from sensing> We are most interested in aquiring Ocean buoy data to overlay but it seems the various sesors are NOT aggregated in any organized/real-time fashion! Please contact me if you know of a real time data source that would benefit the education of students. Its the last/only Terra that we have, please help me create tools that enable us to analyze and protect our world!!

  • 08/22/2007 I have successfully operated the developmental Aquarium sensor, (data sensed and aggregated by a Basic Stamp) project for 5 months and it has yielded some reallly insightful results! I am now working on adding new sensors to the aquarium sensor suite so that I can profile fish behaviour based on their movement within the tank. This could help greatly detail how the fish are 'feeling'. If  my plan works, I will publish a Perl module/.Net Class of the existing scripts! Unfortunately, I am having difficulty finding a cheap underwater capable IR camera so any suggestion(s) would be appreciated! If you want the plans for this sensor, please contact me, I will send you the plans and the code that operates the sensor suite!
  • 7/17/2007 The latest magnetic sensor project has been uploaded. It is Not based on a Fluxgate sensor and is an attempt to create an accurate Earth field sensor from very basic materials including the use of Hall Effect Sensors.... Click here to view the details of one of our summer projects! This particular sensor represents MONTHS of work/study and analysis.

  • 7/7/2007 My FLRRMaP Anti Spam email protocol is currently in the process of being implemented into a Email Server and Client for testing. Once this protocol is implemented, you can say goodbye to all spam! Its still a work in progress but the primary details are not changing much and I'm just working thru client implementation challenges now as the server implementation works well. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions regarding the protocol, so please contact me if you have suggestions.

  • 5/21/2007 SqlFar file Archive Tool has been released as freeware.  We call it the "Smarter Zipper Upper!" It uses an Sqlite Database to store files and has enabled us to solve some challenging problems presented by other Zip Utilities. Try it out!

  • 3/21/2007 Reachability King is about to be released, it 's a handy utility that helps keep track of network resource reachability as well as integrated detailed logging!. It uses SQLite as its logging database resource and XML files are used to store the temporal reachability target information.

  • 5/28/2006 Terramagnetoscope project has been launched! Due to the requirements with operating/managing this student/amatuer scientist website, activity on will be curtailed for the forseeable future. If your school would like to be involved in terramagnetoscope, please contact us

  • 5/10/2006 Due to the increased time I've been spending working with students and amatuer scientists on the terramagnetoscope project, I am removing all the freeware projects/products from the site. If there was a product that you absolutely needed please contact me and I will email you a download link! 

  • 3/05/2006 [Magnetic Field Sensor Project] I have updated the FGM-3 Magnetic Sensor Project You can see it HERE   I also have some fabulous news coming by the end of the month concerning some rather sophisticated Magnetic Field Analysis! Stay Tuned for More.  

  • 1/15/2006 [Magnetic Field Sensor Project] I received the Siteplayer Serial To Ethernet Converter in the mail today and will be Uploading full Pictures and Video covering how to connect/configure the magnetic sensor array to one's computer serial port as soon as I finish configuring the system.  

  • 1/10/2006 The Intranet Ftp Server has been updated. Minor bugfix on reading the Config File. Only apparently affected Windows 98 users. 

  • 12/05/2005 I would like to propose5/21/2007 SqlFar file Archive Tool has been released as freeware.  We call it the "Smarter Zipper Upper!" It uses an Sqlite Database to store files and has enabled us to solve some challenging problems presented by other Zip Utilities. Try it out! to parents to engage their children in software development for Science fair projects! Software is great... try Perl or Visual Basic .Net if you want to quickly, and permanantly engage your children in a "Science" that is both useful and fun! You and your Children do not have to be experts to be reasonably productive and have fun!!! Also, Microsoft is offering their Visual Basic Web Express Version for Free (limited time I believe so act soon!)

  • 12/05/2005 - I will try to get the Laser Pointer Communication system documented and uploaded to the site for parents to use for science fair projects by the end of the month. Keep in mind you will need at least four Basic Stamps and two (any color) laser pointers to complete this project.

  • 12/03/2005 - Click HERE to view updated info about the "Ether Compass" Project. I have made the compass sensor software available for download. It Now logs serial readings to a self truncating log file. Makes a GREAT Science Fair Project for your Child! Much More To Follow on the Magnetic Field Sensor Project! 

  • 12/03/2005 - Sorry about the late responses to Forum Questions, I am having some difficulty with the authentication scripts. I'll try and get them sorted out this weekend.

  • 12/02/2005 - Now accepting donations as a way of funding my development efforts to help keep Software Free.

  • 11/04/2005 - Sorry for the HUGE lapse in time, alot has happened for me as I am sure has happened for you :>)  Firstly , I am developing freeware apps for the forseable future.  Secondly, I Have stopped actively developing some of the older applications as I focus on the new apps and programming in .NET!. I am keeping the apps available for download for a while in hopes they will be useful to folks that can make use of the utility they provide in their intranet/Lab/home network on a shoestring budget. Thirdly, I deleted all the "Mollensoft News" Dating back to Late 2000 because it was just making this page too darn long! Finally, I am spending lots-o-time working on science projects which is significantly slowing my app development time. Its probably just a phase, but I will post pictures, diagrams and software for folks that may be interested in stuyding Magnetics or re-creating the experience without re-creating the wheel!. Like Larry Wall says, "Don't want too many half created wheels laying around".

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